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A sampling of my available inventory

This SUNDAY, AUGUST 6, 2017, I will be at THE COMIC BOOK SHOP’s ANNUAL TOY SHOW  with not only all the above PICTURED ITEMS but also many more toys—including over 100 Freebies!!!!

At last count, I had 700+ total items on deck and I am looking to move them!!!

Plus, the event is a donation drive for Ronald McDonald House of Delaware, and TCBS is having it’s excellent Storewide 25% Off Sale all weekend, so there will be much to enjoy!!!  

The goal is for this to be a family friendly show, so feel free to bring the kids. Here’s a sampling of what I’ll have (and I am just one of the vendors!):

  • Free fast food toys, children’s toys, and some free action figures.
  • Lego sets (from $5-150) and minifigures ($3 and up)
  • Mixed lots of figures at deep discount
  • Bins of $1 figures and and $1 lots
  • Themed lots for Marvel, DC, TMNT,
  • Loose Hasbro and Toybiz Marvel legends ($3 and up)
  • Loose Hasbro Marvel Universe figures ($4 and up)
  • Loose Movie and TV figures (McFarlane, DST, Mattel, LOTR) ($4 and up)
  • Carded Pixar Cars ($1.50 and up)

Plus much more!!!!!!!!!!


1855 Marsh Road

Wilmington, DE 19810


Start time 10:00 AM!!! 

Check out more details at : 
twitter: @ComicBookShopDE

Instagram: ComicBookShopDE

Facebook: The Comic Book Shop

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Ebay, Writing, and Films (and more)

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Hi all,

Quick Updates!!!

Tons of Figures on eBay this week following a two week hiatus. More should go up each Thursday all summer. Also, I’m lining up my first toy show of 2017 for next month, AUGUST 6, 2017.

My writing continues elsewhere. I’m writing for Gaming With Swag on the semi-regular, and we are covering films-based-on-games this summer. My first entries: Tron, Mario Bros., and Street Fighter.

And of course, I’m working through 1,000 ideas that may or may not become my next novel, script, or whatever medium I think will best convey them.


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Lots of Stuff. Also, Things.

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My inner life is reflected in my home office.

Here’s a picture to skip 1,000 words.

Bookshelves, Store Inventory, Personal Collection, and More!

Here’s a 1,000 more, to further the point.

And I was so organized once.


Plus another 1,000 or so to really make things stick.

Workdesk, Packing Supplies, and Displays. My 7PM -Midnight on the daily (well, the weekdaily)


Sorry for the requisite 3 points; I have a lot of Baptist in my upbringing.

Needless to say, my mind is cluttered—-and not with necessarily bad things, just things. You know the stuff: ideas, responsibilities, everything between, and so on. I’m trying to get organized, and I hope to blog regularly again (0r at least semi-intermittently, again).

Slowly but surely I am getting things in order. One day at a time, I’m selling what I should to keep our finances moving, then assessing what remains and why I keep it, and sometimes—-not often but sometimes—-getting to read, write, and enjoy a film or admire pieces on display.

My head is a cluttered mess, full of awesome stuff. Not a bad life to have, really. Not bad at all.

More to come, but until then: This is me.

Can you relate?

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Review: Time Well Spent at Downton Abbey

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Tonight, my wife and I finished the series finale of the recent pop culture phenomenon, Downton Abbey. If you’ve not heard of the program, it is a A PBS masterpiece original that follows one of the great houses of England at the turn of the 19th century into the industrial revolution, through the pangs of The First Great War, and the changing times of the 1920’s that followed.

The show centers on the residents of the great house known as Downton Abbey, both the lords and ladies as well as the servants and several of the villagers with whom the household interacts. The show is a program for adults, dealing with social drama, classism, and a variety of other topics that are relevant in our current age.

Perhaps that’s why Downton did so well during its initial run—-not the fact that it is shot beautifully and written wonderfully (though it is both of those things) —- but rather that it speaks to dilemmas that are timeless and relatable to the human condition just as much in 21st century America as they were 100 years ago across the pond in England.

A more skilled writer than I could easily transpose many of the situations that occur over the show’s six seasons to another time in another place that would still resonate with modern audiences.

For me the show resulted in three major reflections, and I thought worth sharing.

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Another Week … And A Repeated Exhortation

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Catalogued inventory for eBay, to further fund the well and other endeavors.

It’s hard to believe another seven days have passed, and I am doing another weekly post. I feel as if I just completed the last one. Life is like that these days. I already discussed as much last week and mentioned the busy-ness of this current season in other posts as well.

Yes, life is passing quickly and full of things to do. This week, I’m going to keep things very short and simple (well, to the degree I’m able anyway). In a sense, I’ll be repeating myself from last week, but some things bear repeating.

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