Are Things Going Well?

Posted by on Nov 1, 2016 in Faith, Hope, and Love, Water Project

me and my buddy , tired as usual…

As I look toward the end of 2016, I continue to grow more in awe of God’s work in our household. Day-to-day, we continually experience  immense blessings, even and especially during the hard times. We’ve had a fair number of those recently. Some, like my wife’s having gallbladder surgery, are fit-to-print on the blog. Others aren’t (Baptists might refer to them as “unspoken” prayer requests).

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On Receiving Feedback

Posted by on Sep 29, 2016 in To Retreat from Romance, Writer's Diary


Blogging when emotional is rarely a good thing, which is why I forced myself to hold onto this post for a week before publishing.

Why so passionate?

Well, I recently received some feedback to the latest draft of To Retreat from Romance—my young adult unromance novel.

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How To Pick Your Projects

Posted by on Sep 26, 2016 in STRONGHOLD, To Retreat from Romance, Writer's Diary



If you could only finish one more project, what would it be?

I ask myself this on the regular. I find it’s a good question to not only recalibrate my workload but also remind me of what’s important to me. At present, it’s my fundraising for a Deep Water Well. After that, it’s getting my revision of Stronghold as well as my romance novel released. While the first item is arguably a semi-passive endeavor, the latter two are solely within my hands to achieve. So what’s stopping me?

A thousand other ideas, that’s what.

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A Reminder for Writers

Posted by on Sep 1, 2016 in Writer's Diary

I’m not really in a great position to give writing advice, so of course, I’d like to offer some (that’s how narcissism works).

There’s an old mantra that gets floated here and there by teachers, editors, and “successful” writers. It’s a simple, memorable nugget that gets said in a few thousand variations but nonetheless remains the same: “Writers write.”

Writers don’t have grand ideas that stay in their heads.
Writers don’t just talk about that book they want to publish someday.
Writers don’t make excuses.

Writers write.

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