After several years of contemplation, false starts, and endless ideas for articles now lost to the ether, I have once again decided to enter the blogosphere—that now commonplace,  at times horrific, stream of consciousness sitting in the air of the interwebs, where one is almost certain to embarrass him or herself, regardless of ideology or ability to write.

Since ending my original blog in 2009 to pursue the completion of a long-dormant but ever-haunting personal project, I have often longed to return to this format, particularly as I have undergone personal growth and discipline that would have been wonderful fodder for online journaling. Unfortunately, that era has passed, and my ability to connect to it vividly departed shortly thereafter.

As the Lord would have it, however, my wife and I are moving from our first apartment of six years in southern California to my parents’ home on the other side of the United States. This has, of course, required our leaving immensely comfortable jobs at the university from which we both graduated and also forced us to say goodbye to many dear friends and family members to whom we are near (both in heart and in proximity).

To me, this sounds to be the stuff of blogging–the sort of thing that is both mundane but also monumental. Yes, it is true that moving across one’s native country (or to another country, for that matter) has been done innumerable times over the course of humanity’s existence and is not of any real importance; and yet for the individuals involved—those being left as well as those leaving—the event carries with it a certain gravitas accompanied by a wealth of emotion. Inasmuch as modern technology enables parties to engage one another in a variety of ways despite great distance, a change of this magnitude still bears a certain weight; and frankly, such a weight might produce introspection followed by an outpouring of thought worth sharing. We shall see.

But I must admit that writing about this move itself is not my full intent for this endeavor. On the contrary, such an event seems more like a fine starting point than a self-contained story unto itself.

But more on my ulterior motives later. Thanks for stopping by,