Setting Expectations

For those who caught my first post, you may remember my mentioning “ulterior motives” about blogging again. Well, prepare to be ultered (kidding, but not really).

Here is the truth, and I feel silly stating it, but I don’t want anyone to feel like they’ve been victim of the old “bait and switch”. The “Living Life Loving Christ” blog is intended to eventually become three things. First and foremost, this to be a bastion of encouragement for others through the sharing of videos, links, and thoughts–mostly pertaining to matters of faith and practice in some form. Second, it is an online journal for chronicling reflections on significant life events such as our move to Delaware, adjusting to life there, and additional developments as they occur. Third, the blog is intended to be a marketing platform for my creative projects and writing.

I cringe a bit at expressing this final purpose so explicitly, but I hope to be a self-published novelist within the next twelve months and a perpetual writer and contributor to other works thereafter. I want to have an online hub for directing people to content; and in time, this blog will be the primary means of my doing so. Updates such as candid pictures or family announcements will likely be put on Facebook by myself or my wife, and this blog will become more focused on linking to other content (perhaps with commentary) and discussing my work or reactions to life and things I have been learning. Those who are uninterested in those types of musings are welcome to jump ship, and I thank you for your reading to this point.


That being said, let me take a moment to divulge the proposed schedule and content for the next few months. My wife and I will be leaving for Delaware next week, and I intend to use the trip as an opportunity to learn how to use my iPhone in conjunction with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. My hope is that the journey is worth following, and I invite you to join us on it through those venues. I will post some thoughts here as I am able to sit and reflect on the trip itself, but the majority of updates generated from the trip will occur at the above-listed sites.

Once the move is completed and we are in DE, I hope to set a regular blogging schedule; but I do not want to commit to specific days or frequency of posts at present. My writings here will likely begin to include links to videos or songs or articles, and I will spend time discussing the changes that we are experiencing. On weekends and late nights, I also plan to renew work on my book and discuss some of that process as well.

Following this season of discovery, I  am going to attempt the integration of the various sites with which I have become more familiar as well as implement regular features to the blog in order to make it a headquarters of sorts for my work and projects that can be both useful and dependable. I am sure that I will make a plethora of mistakes and probably drive us all a bit nuts in this process; and for this, I apologize in advance. My hope is that this will eventually become a reliable site that one can visit regularly with assurance of new content that will be of some benefit.

Such is the state of things at present and to come. Though I have some trepidation at the undertaking, I am very excited for what may develop, and I appreciate your willingness to check this small corner of the internet. I hope that I can actually begin to inspire, encourage, and entertain you in the coming months. Until that time, thanks for hanging with me!