So, I’m here…what now?

Schedules. In my opinion, few things are as useful to productivity and wellness as schedules–well, perhaps lists. Schedules are the means by which we frame our lives. They assure us that time will not be lost to the ether of mindlessness and inactivity that so often bring us to a place of regret, atrophy, and lack of success. One could say that the schedule is a method of self-direction, insuring us against wasting our lives needlessly and reminding us of those things we have accomplished.

Like all good things, however, schedules can enslave us. They can become burdensome and needlessly convicting.  Planning one’s day down to the minute will make each conversation seem like a meeting, every trip to the restroom feel like a step off course, and every stoplight a very hindrance to one’s existence. On the other hand, a schedule with too much fluidity leads to procrastination, which is another type of enslavement (to sloth or fear) altogether.

Therefore we must consider the schedule as we do many things in life, we must look at it as a useful tool that can be a means for good or ill, depending on our implementation of it. That being said, I am developing a schedule for the near future while I am still unemployed at my parents’ house, looking for work, and completing our move. The reason I am sharing it here is twofold:  first, I am going to outline a proposed publishing schedule for the blog; second, I am going to ask for accountability (for those willing to assist me in keeping my butt in gear when I fail to meet the expectations I have set forth).

Here’s the daily plan I hope to keep for the next few weeks, Monday through Saturday (starting today), until I can land a gig that will demand I adjust myself to a new model.
6:45 AM – Wakies, Push-ups, Bible reading, Breakfast
8:00 AM – Daily Tasks – Outline things which must be done throughout the day.
8:30 AM – Complete listed tasks and conduct writing
11:30 AM – Lunch
1:00 PM – Continue listed tasks and job hunting
3:30 PM – Free time
4:00 PM – Continue listed tasks and job hunting
5:30 PM – Dinner
7:00 PM – Free time
9:00 PM – Workout, Shower, reading
11:00 PM – Bed

Publishing schedule (starting next week):
Monday – Blog Post
Tuesday – “Stunk’s-Bricks-Pics” – The adventures LEGO Mini-stunks (via Instagram and Flickr)
Thursday – Blog and SBPs
Saturday – Blog Post

Now, given the fact that I am going to be blogging more regularly, please be prepared for less original content and more “What I’m reading”, “What I’m watching”, and “Recommendations”, etc.  Additionally, I will likely toss up more random links as I come across them, adding some spontaneity to the mix. I would promise constant articles and musings, but the truth is that I am still trying to pin down the flavor and focus of this blog; and as a result, I am unwilling to commit to any specific themes until I am more certain I will fulfill the promise to explore them.

That’s how things are looking for now. As always, thanks so much for reading! Don’t forget that you can also catch content on Flickr and Twitter, just search for “CJStunkard”.