In Love of People.

Last night, I went through our digital photos–all 9,800 of them. I did not plan this. I sat down at the computer to learn how to export edited LEGO shots to my iPhone. Once I learned how to get these initial pictures transferred, however, I figured I might as well take some time to save some others, just so I had them with me at all times.  But something happened as I began to roll through the years of images.

Gradually, the photos became moments in time, memories of simpler days and blessed fellowship, of joyful holidays and wonderful trips. They became a testament that things do not change but simply adapt–in spite of different locations or ages or participants (a reminder that is as relevant to me presently as it ever has been), life goes on and people are people. I saw some common threads formed throughout my life, evidenced by a thousand moments of it.

I could discuss all these threads but that would be too time-consuming. Rather, I will focus on one, the one that struck me with great conviction and has lingered in my mind since shutting down our computer last night. It’s simple.

I love people.

In a sense I mean this somewhat nebulously, like when someone says “I love cats.” They are giving felines a favored status by default, simply by virtue of their kind. I have the same feeling about folks, I love them and want for their best just because they are. Pictures reminded me of people who I barely met yet still remember, people for whom I care without knowing where they are, people who I may never see again on this side of life but with whom I hope to spend a thousand years in heaven, sipping tea on a porch just shooting the breeze.

Of course, I also mean this with specificity. I love my friends and family. I was almost tearful seeing their faces–their smiles, their glances, their poses struck for a laugh. I love them in as much as I know them, whether that be due to long evenings of deep talking or countless hours spent at gatherings. I love them for who they are, and in many ways I love them because of who they are becoming. I love the ones I see often and the ones who I don’t. When it comes to those with whom I have really shared life, I just love these people.

That being said, I am just feeling blessed this morning.  I grew up with wonderful family, married into a wonderful family, and I have had amazing friends all along the way.

I wonder who I’ll meet tomorrow…whoever they are, I kind of love them already.