Conflicting Values

Once upon a time, I committed to a schedule for my blog. Posts would appear on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. This past weekend, you may have noticed that no post appeared. Well, there’s a story about that–not too much of a story, just about a post’s worth.

Usually, I set my alarm for around dawn and disturb my wife’s sleep as I make my way downstairs to do my Bible reading/Sciprture memorization before beginning the day’s tasks. Friday night, however, I felt that I should forego the alarm; and once I awoke Saturday, I decided to just stay in bed and read in order to be there when she awoke. When she did, I offered to pick up breakfast at Dunkin Donuts and drinks at Starbucks. While I was out I also stopped at the Redbox to grab us a film we’ve been wanting to see since spring. By this point I realized that this day was shaping into the type of Saturday we often enjoyed in California. Out west, after a long week with both of us working, we’d usually get up Saturday and share breakfast and a film–it was one of my favorite habits that we developed, one I could definitely adopt anew once we get settled into our own home at a later time (and one that we have not indulged since around May).

Anyway, we were enjoying the morning so much that it became evident that I was going to take this Saturday as my weekly day of rest and transition Sunday into a working day. That being the case, I went out, got another two flics, and used gift cards to get us lunch. We watched the second movie with some Wendo’s (or “Wendy’s” as it known by most), shot some hoops, read, relaxed, and watched a third film to end the evening.

About quarter-to-ten, it hit me. I had failed to blog on my scheduled day. Oh no.  I wrestled within myself. Should I meet my schedule and get done a post or should I maintain the disciple of rest, go to bed and just continue my posting schedule on Monday? I know the choice seems insignificant, but I found myself pinning beloved values against one another (work versus rest).

Clearly I chose the latter; and as per usual, I did this for a few reasons. First, at this point in my life, maintaining the discipline and worship of rest is more important than hitting a self-imposed schedule for a personal blog. Second, I really felt that the day had been about us–my wife and I enjoying rest together, and the blog is a solo gig; thus, it would have been selfish for me to seclude myself and write in the last hour or two of the day. Third, given the first two reasons, I would have blogged against my better judgement, and I would not have taken the time to re-write my post through a half-dozen drafts, to say whatever I had to say, well. I think I made the right call.

I find myself running into these conflicts more as I get older, as I live with more intentionality and attempt to live the best life I can. They are good conflicts to have. That being said, I apologize to those hoping for a Saturday post who didn’t get it. I doubt that many checked that day (or yesterday), but for those who did, I am sorry for the day-shifting and resulting lack of post; but if it’s a minor consolation, the skipping of that post led directly to this one (funny how things work out).

Thanks for reading!