After a month…

My wife and I have been in Delaware for 4 weeks as of today. Between the two of us, we have researched hundreds of jobs, applied for dozens, and heard very little. I have had some phone interviews. My wife was offered a position that was not the right fit. We have had unplanned expenses. We are learning the area, my wife for the first time, me for the second. Things have changed. We have had some stark realizations in the last 28 days.

When we first arrived, I felt at peace. We were exactly where we needed to be. One month later–without jobs, our savings draining, my goal of self-publishing becoming ever more complex–I feel as satisfied, as at peace, and as hopeful. Frankly, I feel almost better than I did then. I have been so fulfilled over this last month. Seeing old friends, making new acquaintances, visiting old haunts, enjoying evenings with family–these have been wonderful experiences.  The major issue I am having is maintaining my focus on Christ, on honoring him with my time and my energy, on remember that he led us out here in the first place and ensuring that I continue to keep him at the center of our lives. I have waned and waxed in that focus, but overall my love of Christ has continued to grow.

As we move into month two, my thoughts are optimistic, particularly in light of month one. Here’s a few bullet-points:

*My book is gonna get better. Stronghold is significantly more readable than it was a month ago, and it will be improved more a month from today. I am unsure of when it will be “ready” for publication, but I am certain that I will be confident in the quality of the work when that time comes.

*Jobs are a priority, but we may still be without them at October’s end. We are going to continue looking for work, and I still believe that we will find those positions that the Lord wants us to take. This last week, my wife was given the opportunity to take a job that was clearly not aligned with our goals and schedule. She had the wisdom to decline it, and the Spirit filled her with peace as a result of making the choice. We are seeking, he is leading; and I am wholly assured we will land where he wants us. I just don’t know it that will happne in the next 30 days; and frankly, I am okay with that.

*Our social circle will continue to grow as we visit more churches and make more acquaintances, and I hope that by October’s end, we will have hit the major churches we intended to visit and make a call by November to which we should or commit (or at least develop a short-list).

*Time with my family will continue to increase and hopefully find some consistency/regularity.

*Oh, and more unforeseen expenses and monetary restraints will emerge, and we will stress initially and then get over it. That’s a given.

Will let you know how his all pans out come October 24, 2012. Until then I’ll be posting more of the same, about livin’ life like the blog suggests! As always, thanks for reading and keeping up with us!