Some evenings…

Remember this post from the morning?

Well, I’m here to fulfill my promise. How did I deal with “one of those mornings”?

Pretty simple, really. I stopped whining and started being an adult.

I took a deep breath, considered my life, and acknowledged the fact that if I had a job, I would have no choice but to do what I must. So I did. I took the pic for my semi-weekly flickr/instagram comic, I programmed a new unlocking remote for our car, I packed ebay items, and I worked on my book. Oh, and I did more push-ups–a lot more push-ups.

A funny thing happened halfway between the car issue and working on the novel. I just kinda got over the feelings of the morning. Around 11 AM, I looked at the clock and realized I had done a good amount already, and I had plenty more I could accomplish. That in mind, I mailed some packages, worked more on the book, went for a walk with the wife, and even grabbed a post-lunch nap. After dinner I kept trying to stay on task and ran drills on the piano (I hope to undertake the keys during my stint in a house that has them).

Bottom line is this, folks. I have a real opportunity right now. Yes, I have no verified revenue stream; but what I lack in income I have in time–another valuable resource altogether. I need to spend it well. If I want to call myself a writer, then I have to write, especially on the days I do not want to. That’s how a job works, right?

Thanks for bearing with me today. Hopefully what I have to share Saturday will be a bit more useful.