A brief update, well as brief as I write, anyway.

October is almost finished. November is about to begin.

And it will be a doozy. Major changes are coming to the blog, though I am still unsure of what they will be. October has not been slow, but it has been focused. November will be much more varied. I will likely begin a part time gig, finish the fourth draft of one novel, complete the first draft of another, submit a brand/theme to a toy company, and possibly land a full-time job. This is just how the dominoes are falling. I don’t know if I can do it. In fact, of my own strength, I’m sure that I can’t. I need to put all of this into a priority listing; and once I do, I need to stick to it.

Needless to say, the old schedule is done (not that I was able to keep it as well as I wanted, anyway). I still plan to role with a 6-day workweek followed by Sabbath, but I think I will need to drop a few peripheral things and ensure that I keep my eyes on point. “Point” being “Jesus, above all else”.

It’s funny. I feel I am working twice as hard as I did at my salaried finance job, but I am getting no pay as of yet and feeling the pressure of lacking that income. That’s not to say I feel I’m off track. I’m not treading water, friends. I’m swimming upstream in the cold in the mountains; but both my wife and I are where God wants us. I still have no doubts about that. My peace is constant; my joy is apparent.  Right now some things are not where we want them to be. That’s the reality of it, but not the truth. The truth is that we are okay for now, and things take time to develop. Transitions like the one we’ve made are hard. Life can be difficult to navigate. But I believe God is getting glory through what we’re doing; and therefore, every day is a good one.

November will be rough, but I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for reading,