10 Observations from the Hurricane

So, my family and I were in New Castle County, DE when Hurricane Sandy touched down. We lost power at noon Monday and got it back Tuesday around 5:30. Here’s some quick thoughts.
  1. Prepping for a storm is like prepping for the zombie apocalypse without the aching moral questions.
  2. Losing power is not the end of the world; it is simply an invitation to do things from which electronics distract us.
  3. Just because wires are down in your backyard does not mean they are live and will kill you, but operating under that assumption is still wise.
  4. Books on paper are still wonderful.
  5. Walkmen and normal AM/FM radio still have their place in modern society. Who knew?
  6. You can survive for some time with sterno heaters and a few cans of soup. And, of course, water. Stock up now.
  7. Writing by candlelight is just as romantic as the movies make it appear.
  8. Evening passes more slowly when the power is gone, and the constant movement of flashlights will make you feel like you live in a post-Se7en horror film (or CSI). This is not conducive to feeling safe.
  9. The Delmarva power company is efficient–those in their care are in good hards.
  10. Those who have lived without power for any extended period of time are tough–much tougher than the average 21st century suburbanite.

That being said, we made it. Thanks for your prayers and concern! Here’s hoping some time passes before we experience that again!