What Happened?

So, it’s been almost two weeks since my last post. November has been a pretty dismal month as far as the blog is concerned, and frankly, I have no excuse. I knew that the shifting priorities of the month would have an adverse affect on regularly updating this little corner of the internet, but I did not think I would become such a derelict that nearly a fortnight would pass without a single update. Unfortunately, certain other projects took precedence due to their time and energy requirements, so the blog suffered as a result. Nonetheless, I felt a very real obligation to provide you with an update this morning, so here goes:

1) I have been conducting some ancillary, that is, “non-writing”, projects in order to boost my resume, two of these having deadlines today and both of them now complete. This has been a huge boost to not only my confidence but my personal joy, and I look forward to sharing more details in the coming weeks as time permits.

2) I am 17K into my 50K requirement for National Novel Write Month, which means that I am behind my daily word count. This has me a bit frazzled, but it’s nothing two disciplined afternoons can’t solve, pending my ability to get that time. That being said, my novel is coming together, and I am finding the oddest myriad of influences within it. A few are as follows:  J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Two Towers, The Biblical historical account of King Nebuchadnezzar (as told in the Book of “Daniel”), The Incredible Hulk, the narrative descriptions of Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Brothers Karamazov, and The Dark Knight. I know, a weird mix, right? Well, more to come, again, as time permits.

3) Stunks Bricks Pics, my weekly Lego Captions, have also gone on hold, but I have some in the cue, and I plan to bring them back come in short order.

So, long story short, folks. In undertaking a plethora of new projects in November, I dropped the ball on many of the regularly-updated content streams I spent two months building. This is both regrettable and counter-productive. Here’s the bottom line for the back half of November: I am gonna get back to my regular posting schedule, though my posts will likely be short like this one; and I am gonna finish those things that I must by November 30. Boom. Additionally, I am going to move into December with a renewed commitment to maintaing those patterns set in place, so that consistent content becomes a regularity once again.

In my defense, I warned that November would be a shift in my posting schedule…but that’s really my only defense. I know I dropped the ball the first half of the month, and I offer my apologies for that. Hopefully I’ll use this opportunity to learn my lesson so that I can better manage my time in the future!  As always, thanks  so much for reading, I value every pageview I get, and I hope you all are having a blessed day!