After Three Months of Unemployment…

This week, we crossed the three-month anniversary of our move from California to Delaware. That time may seem short, but it has not felt like it. Our very nice, immensely comfortable lower middle class existence in sunny SoCal seems like a memory of another life. The constant warmth of the southwest has given way to the northeast’s bitter chill; and frankly, I had forgotten just how taxing that can be day-to-day (although running in it is pretty rewarding). Everything is so different these days–the people, the culture, the tone, and speed of life.

And I have remained without full-time, paid employment. I use that wording specifically becuase I am working these days, just not on things for which I am paid (more on that this Saturday). I have applied for numerous positions, but none have moved beyond interviews. I have two major opportunities that could lead to a job starting at the opening of 2013, but it seems 2012 will close without a paid gig (as far as I can see at present). We are living in a house that is warm and loving but not our own. We are experiencing more social complications than we expected, and the dead of winter is coming fast. So yes, things have been hard. Some days have been discouraging. Others frustrating. My wife and I have had many hard conversations with each other, and I have had more than one pity-party.

And yet, in general, I am hopeful and also encouraged. I feel the need to just tell everyone with whom I speak that I still believe God is working, and I am as assured as ever that we are here with purpose. I see so much benefit from our being in the area, not only for us but those with whom we interact–not to say that we are so wonderful but to say that we have been privileged to really assist friends and family since our coming, in ways we have not been able to for years until now. I am learning a great deal about the art of writing, the habits of being a full-time writer, and the methods of self-publication and marketing that I will use in 2013 to launch my first novel. We likely will be part of a strong local church family early next year, and the Lord continues to draw my wife and I closer to each other as he continues to draw us nearer to himself.

Things are hard. They’ve been hard, but I’ve been in my Bible and in prayer more in the last three months than in any other time in immediate memory, which is saying something given how much prayer went into the move. I guess all I can say, really, is that I am truly full of thanks these days, and I feel like God has big plans for us here in the Ware (or “302”, as we say on the streets).

We’ll see where we are in another three months (but I’ll post updates before then, I promise).