What are you writing, again?

So, over the last few weeks, I have written in regard to a number of projects. I know it may seem like I have become a bit frantic, but I assure you all, I have a method to my madness. The method is two-fold. One facet is staying busy despite a lack of paid employment, and the other is building a portfolio for my writing career while I have the time to invest. I am trying to invest my time as though I were doing exactly what I would like to do–getting paid to write. Frankly, the only issue right now is that lack of funding; were I making a steady living at this, I would feel secure in my present position and striving to use such a platform for the purpose of glorifying Christ and encouraging others in him, Full Time. I’m not there just yet–got the latter without the former, which is fine. If I am lucky, a decade or two from now, I may have the former also. Besides, that’s not the point of this post.

Today I thought it worthwhile to take time at the beginning of the month just to provide you with a condensed update of what I am doing. I hope to set-up a newsletter to give these sorts of updates on the regular in the future, but I will cross that bridge in the later. For now, here’s what is happening:

First, from week to week, I am trying to get into the habit of producing daily, online content during the workweek. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday I provide content here on the blog. I try to do one spiritually focused post, one writing update, and one general interest post each week. Tuesdays and Thursdays, I create Stunks-Bricks-Pics on Instagram/Flickr and Facebook. On Saturdays, I try to update Flickr with other Lego shots. If you are on any of these social networks, I always value and appreciate your “liking” these posts, as the “likes”direct the social algorithms to further display the links on my other friends’ feeds.
Second, I have completed the manuscript for Stronghold, received positive feedback from reviewers, and I have sent it for an agent’s consideration. If they pass on it, I will still self-publish as intended, releasing that work on a variety of platforms this spring.
Third, I am still developing the outlines for two follow-up works to Stronghold. The first will be a study-guide I hope to have ready by Christmas 2013, and the second is a sequel to the novel that I have tentatively planned to complete and publish in Christmas 2014.
Fourth, I have begun the editing and re-writing process for my National Novel Write Month (NanoWrimo) novel, of which I have completed first draft. As I said, the novel is not really good, but it provided some very interesting blocks on which to build, and I am confident that it can greatly improve with time. At present, I intend to e-publish/launch it just before or around the 2013 Nanowrimo.
Fifth, I have recently had a bout of inspiration; and as a result have fully outlined and begun an initial young adult romance novel, tentatively entitled, To Retreat From Romance. The book is something of a love letter to my junior high and high school youth group, and while it draws vaguely from personal experience, the story, point of view, and overall concept are very new and challenging to me as a writer–I am telling the story in the third-person, limited perspective with a female protagonist–which in some ways is the exact opposite of my work on Stronghold. Furthermore, this work of great importance to me, as it has enabled me to develop and outline a “sermon series” that I could present were I to have the privilege of speaking at a high school/college youth retreat. While the voice of the speaker is certainly not my own, the content reflects my convictions. As a result, I am killing two birds with one stone on this one.
Sixth, I am still developing a number of 9-point outlines in regard to me goal for my 30×30, as discussed here. These projects include a variety of short stories, a screenplay, and another novel.
Seventh, I am still playing the idea of a children’s book, and while I have the outline completed, I seem to have over-developed it into a novella and nullified some of its charm. As a result, I need to condense it considerably and also make the content more friendly to pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. This, too, is a growing exercise.
And, of course, as always happens, a fluke joke made between a friend and me has sent my mind a flutter with a new idea that I just cannot quit, so I am jotting pre-writing notes for that, which I would like to turn into an ongoing lego comic in the future, but that is very, very far from now. This project would be my comic-book-esque hero story (and let’s face it, if you know me, you know I need to do one of those).
So, where does that leave me. Here we go:
Generating weekly content for the web in a variety of places. (non-book, Blog/FB Lego pics)
Developing/Pre-writing possible Hero Story (online comic starting 2015 or 2016)
Outlining Two follow-ups to Stronghold, a study-guide and a sequel (hopefully for release in 12/2013 and 12/2014 respectively)
Re-Outlining Children’s book (unknown release)
Completing First draft of my young adult romance novel (unplanned release)
 Re-writes/revisions on My NanoWrimo fantasy novel (Planned for 12/2013 release).
So, basically, I am working at all points of the writing process–development, initial completion, and editing–all at the same time but on a variety of different projects. Should make for an interesting schedule once I start full-time work. Thank you for joining me on this journey; I truly hope that my efforts are and will continue to be a source of entertainment and encouragement for you.