Links for Living, Writing, and More

I appreciate everyone’s willingness to continue stopping at this little corner of the internet to see what is happening with me, but I have a confession to make. Ready? A substantial number of better writers are available to you. I know they exist, because I read their stuff sometimes. As such, I felt I should take an opportunity to direct you to some of the articles I have had the pleasure of reading in recently. Here’s a handful of them, somewhat similar to my usual topics. My hope is to eventually offer recommendations on the regular. For now I will attempt to do so once a month. Enjoy!

On Faith & Christian Culture
An exhortation for professing Christians to be more friendly in their online courtesy My Take: A Word to Chrsitains – Be Nice

An analysis of the reasons kids leave the church following their teen years and active youth group involvement. “Top Ten Reasons Our Kids Leave Church”

On Writing
How to take rejection well and continue to press forward. “Regarding Rejection”

Though written specifically to professional writers, a great little piece for anyone hoping to communicate better in any written form: “7 Tips for Great Sentences”

Some great insight on editing from one of my new favorite authors/bloggers, Jody Hedlund “Unleashing the Internal Editor: A Self-Editing Checklist”

The key ingredient to success according to a very successful person (and it’s not what you’d think). The One Thing You Must Do to Achieve Break-Through Results

A few words on thriving in the dull tasks of the day-today Grace for Monotonous Work