To all of you, many thanks.

As of yesterday, we have been in Delaware for six full months. I can hardly believe that much time has passed. Today, my post will be short, and it is dedicated to all of you.

In Phillipians 1:3, Paul writes, “I thank my God in all my remembrance of you.”

I feel very similarly. I am so grateful for you, our friends and family.

Thank you for your comments on this blog and on facebook, your e-mails, your texts, your invitations to meals, and your general encouragement over these last several months. You all know who you are, and you are numerous. Please know that your kindness, generosity, and goodness are cherished, and your spirit of love has affected us deeply. With many of you our relationships have deepened, and with that deepening has grown greater respect and affection.

We have not endured any great or painful hardship of which to speak since our move, and for that I am grateful. The main points of difficulty have been our expectations, our adjusting to the East Coast, and our overall attitudes. Frankly, when we have faced discouragement, uncertainty, fear or doubt, we have been constantly comforted and encouraged by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as well as all of you.

So again and again, a hundred times, thank you.

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Thanks again and have a great weekend, all!