March Links

Here’s a crop of the best or most interesting articles I’ve read in the last few weeks! Enjoy

On Writing
Formatting a Clean Manuscript
A short list of key items to check before submitting your masterwork for review!

But I Want Success Now!
The great lie of the overnight success and some rational thoughts about real writing as an ongoing venture.

How to Maintain Steady Book Sales
A great article regarding the ongoing process of post-release marketing.

7 Things Confident Writer Don’t Do
This is a solid list to review for your own mental health.

How to Promote your book when you’re scared
A solid bit of encouragement for the aspiring publisher.

On Ministry
Don’t Feel Qualified for your Calling?
How to respond to self-doubt when you feel led by God toward great works

A Sweet Legacy I Savor
John Piper on Scripture Memory

Seven Things to Pray For Your Children
Great recommendations from Desiring God Ministries

Here Come the Radicals
Biola Grad Matthew Lee Anderson Assesses the current “radical movement” among young evangelical pastors.

31 Ways to Maximize Efficiency in your Home Office
Some great tips on developing an in-home workspace.

Photos of Children from Around the World with their Most Prized Possession
A fascinating look at children and their stuff.