When It’s Hard

Some days you wake up, and it’s hard–not the getting out of bed or the morning routine necessarily but facing the day in its entirety. Whether it be due to work or the lack thereof or guests coming or some insurmountable project, some days are like that. Life must be done, but it’s not going to be easy. On those days, it’s just hard.

I don’t have these days a great deal, and when I do have them, I tend to know why. I can pinpoint the source or my angst and misgivings, usually down to the event or item on the to-do list. Once that thing is accomplished, the day just seems to be exponentially better, regardless of anything happening to warrant its improvement–other than being done with the task, circumstance, or event in question.
I think you all know what I mean, and I think we know how to face this. I don’t need to provide an action items list. All I need to do is tell you the truth and encourage you to remember it.


You got this, so get to it. Those who love you have your back, and if you fail they’ll cut you slack.

That’s it. Bada-Bing.

Yeah, life is tough some days. You are human. You can struggle. You can hurt.

When it’s hard, accept it. Own it. Embrace it. Then show it just how hard you hit back.

Have a great weekend full of love and sincerity. Thanks for reading,