April Links: Readings from the Web

On Writing

3 writers provide their no-no’s for up-and-comers.
Some great inventory to consider when revising one’s book
Why Your Amazon Kindle Book Could Be Far Bigger Than You Imagine
A wonderful encouragement to writers heading to the online marketplaceOn Faith

Phil Cooke takes a look at why faith-based, values-centered media is a solid investment.
A wonderful article about those chipper church ladies!
…even when they are imperfect.
A good reminder about some of Jesus’ most famous teaching
One Blogger Weighs in on the Equals Sign Avatar and Christianity.


The Weekly Standard Analyzes the dogmatic fundamentalism of philosophical naturalists and the scientific community.
A great opinion piece on the loss of paper media.
Fun and informative
A fascinating look at how some of the most educated people educate their children.
This is just too cool not to share.