Looking Forward To Summer!

I love summer…basically because of movie season. Well, not really. Frankly,  I am disappointed nearly every summer movie season (Summer of ’05 and ’08 being the major exceptions). However, I will admit that my summer calendar seems to revolve around knowing film release dates; I’m known to say, “Oh, the 16th is a Sunday, I know that because Movie X comes out on the 14th, which is a Friday.” Yep. Film major, right here.

Cinema aside, I don’t know what exactly forms my love of the summer months. Perhaps my love for the season stems for the vivid memories of bygone youth, wherein my days were spent playing “guns” with the fellow neighborhood kids in the day, before returning home and watching VHS movies of old summer hits. Or maybe its due to my high school years, which were split between youth group activities, forming lifelong friendships, and working retail. Perhaps it’s due to college, when the summers shifted into moviemaking, which was even more epic and wonderful than any of the prior years’ activities.

I also love the heat. I do far better with extreme heat than extreme cold. I love the oppressive air during a hot, midday run, wherein every single step feels like a victory. I love to sweat, to feel the body’s natural A/C kick into gear and glisten off my darkening skin (gross). I love how cold water takes on new beauty in sweltering temperatures, and long after a workout or manual labor, I savor sitting on the screened-in porch, sipping a Snapple Peach Iced Tea from a plastic cup covered in condensation: Yep, that’s the goods right there.

Of course, I also love the long days—the early rising of the sun and its delayed departure. The light is selfish in the summertime, and I love its extended hours. The joyous laughter of children carries well past the evening meal, and though the dark fills the air, bugs with beacons at their tails fly. Oh how awesome is God to give us the gift of the lightnigt bug!

Well, I have waxed poetic (and very poorly) long enough. All to say I love summertime!  Do you? Then tell me all about it in the comments. Please. And give me some summer song and flic recommendations, too! Let’s embrace the coming season together–after all, we all know that summer officially starts today, not the solstice.  Why you ask? Well, because today is the release of the first summer tentpole blockbuster, Iron Man 3.  Didn’t I explain how that works?

Thanks for reading, get outside, enjoy the heat, then cool off at that multiplex,



PS – As a bonus, here’s “CJ’s Summer 7” Music Playlist

  1. “I Heard a Rumour” – Banarama (A hot track to start any day…all while feeling like you are in the middle of the opening credits of a Japanese cartoon [If you watched Japanese imports in the 90’s, you know what I mean])
  2. “Just Good Friends” – Michael Jackson & Stevie Wonder (WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!? Yep, those two did a song together, and it is excellent. Check it out. This is a jam for that Summer Crush who only wanted to be friends … but you still get to feel awesome about life because it’s summertime)
  3. “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” – Tears for Fears (A track for just enjoying that summer life)
  4. “Sittin up in my Room” – Brandy (For that aforementioned Summer Crush, even though he or she only wants to be friends—there’s a long story to this, and no, I’m not gonna tell it. Yet.)
  5. “Summertime” – Will Smith (Aaaaawwww yeah!)
  6. “Two Rivers” – Jeff Beck (A perfect track for watching the waves roll at the beach)
  7. “Boys of Summer” – Don Henley (C’mon, I need not offer a reason for this).

Double-Bonus: Number 1 SUMMER Film Recommendation: The Sandlot (20th Anniversary Edition) [Blu-ray]