Many Thanks to You All

Last week, my first novel, Stronghold, went live for sale on Amazon in print and digital formats. The release day was full of ups-and-downs, and the week that followed was no different. The excitement of completing a major project was followed by the drop in adrenaline, and the realization of being so vulnerable and laid bare in the work began to make me feel altogether frightened of what others would think of me after the fact, not only as a writer but as a person. These emotional valleys were escaped eventually by not only seeking the Lord and encouragement in his Word but also through constant encouragement and support from others, and inasmuch as I felt the experience deeply, I look forward to my next novel and the slightly more aggressive release to accompany it.

But that day is some distance from now, and this post is not about that, or me, really. This post is about all of you. A week after Stronghold has hit, I have confirmed one thing: this is a hard gig, this writing thing, but those of you who offer your support, encouragement, and enthusiasm make it a little easier and tremendously rewarding. I want to thank you for the facebook messages, the kind words, the “shares”, the “likes”, and, of course, the purchases. Given that I have not had a paycheck for some time now, I better recognize the value of money, and the time commitment needed to earn it. Your spending it on my book is a sign of trust that I will provide you something of value, and that transaction is far more humbling to me than I thought it would be. I do not say this flippantly: I truly am moved that you feel my work is worth your time and money. I hope–oh how I truly hope–that when all is said and done that you feel the purchase was worth every penny you spent and every minute you invested. Please let me know what you thought after you’ve finished it (and you can offer constructive criticism; I can handle it–most days, anyway).

That being said, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, a thousand times. I hope that in some way at some point, I can enrich your lives in the same degree that you’ve enriched mine.