Stronghold’s Live…Now What?

So, what does an author do after he releases his first, self-published novel. Well, I know what this author did: kept working. According to my worklog, I didn’t take a breather until Saturday after Stronghold went live, and I didn’t really take another until the following Sunday, when I participated in a Fast and Furious Franchise partial marathon.

So why I am still putting in hours six days a week? Frankly, I still have too much to do. Stunk’s Bricks Pics, The 3LC Blog, soliciting reviews, contacting ministry professionals and pastors–well, in many ways the release was just the start of another phase of the project. The bulk of my time since May 28, 2013, has been spent fielding e-mails, researching possible contacts, establishing contacts, and trying, albeit to a lesser degree than I would like, to write.

As many of you know, I am trying to develop a study-guide for Stronghold, which has been a strain, to say the least. Additionally, I have one draft of a young adult romance novel finished, but it is in dire need of massive re-writes, and I do not know how I am going to get it where it needs to be. Then there’s the fantasy novel that I’ve drafted, which too, is in need of repair and possibly, a “return to formula” (here is my initial response to re-reading the draft after finishing it).

And then there’s the projects on the horizon. National Novel Write Month is coming in 5 months, and in order to avoid last year’s debacle (again, see above review), I am trying to not only verify the project I will write but also outline it so that my time spent in November (writing the first draft in 30 days) will prove profitable. Plus, there’s a handful of ancillary things happening. I have re-established my writing relationship with (my first piece is posted here), and I am hoping to put together a few other pieces or pitches for other publications in order to build my portfolio. Then there’s the comic idea with which I’ve fallen in love and desperately want to write, as time allows.

I guess, what I mean to say is that the work doesn’t stop when the big project is done. If you want to take writing seriously, you work. In some ways you may feel you work harder after the big release. The “crunch” of a deadline may have passed, but the reality of being a writer is ever present. Of course, I am also speaking as one who does not have a full time job yet. What will happen to my timetables and project schedule once I obtain one I do not know, but I am certain that it will affect things radically.

I hope you will continue to join me on my journey. If you were kind enough to buy Stronghold but were left disappointed, I apologize. As I’ve said, I sincerely believe it is the best book I could have written at present, and I am trying to make the next one even better. If you read Stronghold and loved it, I hope to continue fulfilling your expectations with my next work, whichever one that is. If you’re not on board with the book but you are a fan of the blog, thank you; your coming here does not go unnoticed, and with each increase in readership I am encouraged that I am doing something right.

So, here we are, looking forward with great expectation. Together. I hope this little corner of the internet brings you some level of entertainment or encouragement. Thank you all again, so very much,