You Are Loved.

This post was originally going to be about Lego or the Fast and Furious franchise, but I ran with the following instead. Just felt led to share…


We are all hurting people. Life is hard, harder than any of us imagined it would be. The realities of interpersonal relationships, demands on our time and energy, and overarching stressors placed on us by both ourselves and others can be truly draining. Some of us hurt often and deeply. Some of us feel lost. But dear readers, please hear me now:

You are more loved than you realize.

You may not feel it. You may not know it. But it’s true.

People love you. They may be near; they may be far, but they do. People to whom you have not spoken in some time or seen–they love you. People whom you’ve hurt or wounded–some have forgiven you, and they love you. In fact, the people who have hurt you, who are too embarrassed or ashamed to reach out to you, some of them may love you too. You may never hear from them again, but they are out there. You are loved, if at a distance.

And God loves you. He is ever-present despite being so far above us, and his love runs more deeply than any person’s. His love is the best love: an unconditional love for you in your darkest moments and while you endure your deepest wounds. His love fills voids you did not know you possessed. His love satisfies your longing and covers over a multitude of hurts. You may not be accepting it, but it is available to you. And it is very, very real.

For those of you broken, those of you hurting, those of you in need of just a little affirmation, just know you’re not alone as you head into the weekend. Live in that reality, and enjoy your weekend.


PS – If you have it in you, reach out to those you love, tell them. Be brave in telling them. Let them know. And know that you are loved also.