A Dinner Dilemma: What Do You Disclose and When?

Here’s the Scenario:

Marcus bakes a large Buffalo Chicken Pizza to split with his buddy, Tom. Marcus relishes his perfection of this recipe, and Tom is excited to experience the new flavor combination. The pizza is ready, and Marcus is ecstatic. He loves the creation and takes two pieces for himself, savoring his first large bite. Tom hopes to do the same, but he finds the blend of mozzarella, bleu cheese, and buffalo-marinara to be a bit much. What is the more loving response from Tom:


1) To eat the food he’s been given in hopes of developing a taste for it or, at least, not hurting Marcus’ feelings; then perhaps, later tell Marcus how he felt?
2) To gently inform Marcus that he doesn’t particularly care for what he’s been given, and he’d like Marcus to finish it, as he will enjoy it more than Tom will?


What do you think? I am on the fence. If I were Marcus, I would want #2, freeing Tom from the burden of having to eat something that he did not like and allowing me to enjoy more of a a food I savor. But I believe that #2 is also initially more difficult/embarrassing for both parties. What about you? Is there a better solution?

I am really looking for feedback here. This has been bugging me, not based on personal experience but consideration for the future.