A Small Reaction to Large Changes

Cynicism is easy.
Sarcasm is a reflex.
Mockery is simple.

In light of all that has happened this week in the United States Supreme Court, all of the above attitudes have been at the forefront of public conversation. I’ve expressed them more than I would have liked and harbored them in secret to an exponentially greater degree.

But I don’t want to be that person. Someone else can be that person. I want to walk a different path, a narrower path. I don’t want to do what is easy; I want to retrain my reflexes, and I would rather be on the side of receiving mockery than giving it.

I want to invest in others not reduce their sense of worth. This does not mean agreement, nor does it mean validation, but it does mean holding captive not only my words but also my thoughts. At times, thoughts are as violent as language (if not more so), and maintaining silence is better than speaking a passive aggressive insult.

That’s it. No specific stories to tell. No wallowing in guilt. It’s just become clear to me throughout this week. I look at the world; sometimes I get angry, and I sin in my anger–if only in my mind, I fall short of a loving response. I play it is easy. But Christ desires better; Christ deserves better. By the power of His Spirit, I will be better, maybe slowly but ever-surely. How bout you?

Thank you for reading; have a great weekend!