Brief Thoughts on the Spirit’s Movement.

I believe in the Holy Spirit.
I believe the Holy Spirit moves–near, far, and in the spaces in between.
Like air, he permeates. Though we harden our hearts and attempt to withhold him, he finds his way into the hidden places, the shadows, and he reveals them with his light and heals them in his time.

The Holy Spirit is a constant, universal companion in the lives of each and every Christian since Pentecost. Therefore, he is a force of unity amongst believers, and this fills me with great hope. For he can move concurrently in ways we do not see, cannot comprehend, and would never fathom.

I think about this often and feel led to worship. The facts of so-called happenstance are no small thing. Books can (and have) been written of the Spirit’s incredible work across continents and through time, within cultures and around them. A missionary family gets their financial needs met by a random donor giving his income to a general fund, because his pastor in a church three-thousand miles away had the boldness to preach against greed due to his own convictions about his lack of personal generosity, brought about by a blog post wherein the writer was discussing the text of a long-dead author of a far past generation. These are not small things to be considered coincidental and, as such, overlooked. These are the miraculous story beats unfolding every minute of every day, in order to bring God glory in the overarching content of world history–and that is an encouraging (and deeply sobering) thought.

I have sometimes considered that said stories will be the literature of heaven, that we will kneel at the throne of the Lord as he reveals to us the grand narrative of how he was working over, within, and beyond our little space-time construct in order to maximize glory for himself through the immense miracle of small kindnesses and quiet acts of selflessness.

As we move into the weekend, I encourage you all to take a few of your free moments, maybe even those last ten minutes before being ushered into the dreamlands of sleep, and consider the ways in which the Spirit has revealed himself to you through his work in the lives of others. You may delay your appointment with the sandman and find yourself laying awake and in awe, shocked by how good God has been, even if you never took notice. I know such an activity fills me with wonder.

May it never cease.

Thank you for reading,