July Links

12 Ways To Preserve Christian Unity


The Best Way to Respond to in Times of Doubt
Some great insights on holding to faith in the face of darkness

The Downside of Doing What You Love
Insights on “living the dream”
6 Secrets to Creating and Sustaining Suspense
Some solid advice for writers of all genres

How (& Where) to Get a Short Story Published
Dabbling in short story writing? He’s some places to try getting it published.

10 Things You Don’t Want in Your Novel
Some good thoughts on items to avoid in the PLANNING stages, that will help avoid later revisions.

Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling
A list all writers could use!

Top 10 List of Advice for Aspiring Writers
Jody Hedlund’s insights on getting through that first book!
A Voyage in Narnia
A 14-minute podcast with great insights on C.S. Lewis’ classic series

From Human Embryos to the Elderly
A difficult but important article about the mistreatment of the elderly

The American Moral Minority
Dr. John Mark Reynolds’ thoughts on the shift in moral cultural norms.

Pro-Choice: Why I’m Never Going Back
Why One Woman has gone Pro-Life

Christians’ Views Vary on Gay Marriage
An article that actually tries to show varying perspectives on people of faith and gay marriage

Hollywood’s Completely Broken
An interesting look at the present economic paradigm in Hollywood

5 Things New Down Syndrome Parents Need to Hear
Great insight on how to handle fear of the unknown as a new parent of a special needs child.

Man of Steel
Review by the New Yorker