In Case You Don’t Know about Tim Hawkins…

He is hilarious. I was first introduced to Tim Hawkins by my in-laws, and when they first described his style, I was skeptical. Frankly, I used to be skeptical about all Christian artists, but I have matured since then–in part because of Mr. Hawkins.

Tim Hawkins is a comedian on par with any of the others to which I’ve been exposed in the last few years. He’s part of a niche breed, a Christian funny man who holds a mirror up to the subculture he loves and pokes fun without cynicism or ill will. His stuff is not the disgruntled rants of a bitter wordsmith but the whimsical musings of a loving sibling. He adores his wife, his family, his church, and his food, but he just happens to find the humor in all of thing as well and shares his observations to make our lives a bit more fun.

In honor of Friday and the the final weekend before I begin my job in the big city, I am embedding some of my favorite bits that he has made available directly through Youtube. At some point, I really need to pick up his Stand-up DVDs. Clean comedy like his is a rare gift in our culture, and he deserves monetary support from his Christian siblings:

This may be my personal favorite.

And here’s a wonderful dose of bits and pieces: