August Links

Don’t Let Guilt Keep You from Pursuing Your Passion
Jody Hedlund provides insights on writing and being a parent.

What J.K. Rowling’s Pseudonym Novel Says about Commercial Success
Wonderful Insight about J.K. Rowling’s Recent Release

Martin/Zimmerman: A Different Kind of Response
An interesting response to the Zimmerman Verdict

When is a Royal Baby a Fetus
A well-written and indicting piece about media coverage of abortion versus celebrity pregnancy

Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World
A good piece on child-rearing in a consumer culture
Our Experiment in Criticism
A look at Christianity Today’s excellent methodology for film review

Why We Really Sleep In
Tony Reinke on C.S. Lewis on Sloth

Ten Passages for Pastors to Memorize Cold
Recommendations from David Mathis for various moments in ministry

Porn, Pride, and Praise
A great article on an upcoming book about the dangers of Porn

Pastor Takes Fresh Look at a Vital Church Tradition
My good friend Phil Persing on Sunday School

Can’t Wait to Teach
John Mark Reynolds on teaching.