The Music Of Matty Rineer: A Recommendation

I met Matty Rineer in the fall of 2012, and I was quite taken with his friendliness. He is one charismatic cat. Of course, anyone can make a great first impression. My respect for Matty and appreciation of his character grew as I ran into him on more occasions, during which he consistently made an effort to connect. He has a great heart that he wears on his sleeve.

And puts into his music.

Matty currently has two LP’s: Survive and Sycamore. Their combined cost is less than $7–yes, less than a meal at most places, and his music will definitely provide you with more bang-for-your-buck than an extra value combo. His music is stirring, sincere, and uplifting, and his track “There is a Love” is easily one of my favorite musical discoveries of the last 12 months. I have already written reviews for both of Matty’s LPs, which can be read by clicking the below links to his amazon download pages. So, please, if nothing else, sample the albums and check out my full reviews for more details.

On a further note of respect, Matty is one of the hardest-working creative types I know, and he is focused on generating not only “his art” but honest, objectively strong music. He is the type of artist that has so-called “street cred” and deserves every nickel he gets. I would not say that about everyone, so please, if you value my opinion, give the music of Matthew Rineer a shot.

Have a great weekend, all!