September Links

I Didn’t Love My Wife When We Got Married
Pastors have been saying this to their congregations for a long time, but one more take won’t hurt

On Vocation and Money
John Mark Reynolds addresses the issues of work, life, ethics, and balance

4 Ways to Tell if Your Spiritual Questions are Good Ones
Matthew Lee Anderson sums his book quite nicely for RELEVANT magazine

On Mindless Entertainment
John Mark Reynolds Addresses the issue of resting well

Not Even a Hint
A great article from Kevin DeYoung on what we are watching and how we respond

The Love That God Desires
Seth Fuller on love that pleases God

But I Like It
John Mark Reynolds on Interests and Pleasures

The Power of Our Words
On Childraising and Language


Six Easy Tips for Self-Editing Your Fiction
The Huffington Post Gives some help to Writers

Exactly How One Author Sells 50-75 Books a Day
A little bit of strategy on how one author is making it work

10 Successful Tips for Independent Authors
Some good thoughts and advice for the self-publisher

A Time to Read, A Time to Write
A quick read, on reading

How to (really) Make a $1,000,000 Selling E-books
A long article on the work required to make it as an indie author


There is a Man Wandering Around California with 3 Mules
An article about one man’s space, which technically belongs to all of us

The Wealthy’s Compassion Deficit
An Interesting Article on Entitlement and “The Have’s”

Pornography: The Pink Elephant in the Room
Some thoughts on one huge sin in the church that makes people feel very uncomfortable

Why “Duck Dynasty” Viewers Heeds Its Call
Some perspective on why that show with “the bearded old guys” is so popular

Pornography: The New Normal
Some Thoughts on what may be the Number One Pastoral Problem in the World

Is Anyone Sad for Ariel Castro
Thoughts from Desiring God on the suicide of “A Monster”

Mom Versus Mom: The War I Didn’t See Coming
One woman’s thoughts on female interaction