Satellite Kite: A Recommendation

Approximately one year ago, I discovered a link to Beautiful Euloogy’s debut album, Satellite Kite, by happenstance. I have no idea how I found it, and I would not have gotten it were it not free.

How fortunate I was on both counts.

Beautiful Eulogy is a group formed of various artists from Humble Beast Records, and while each individual in the band has his own style, the union of the three musicians creates a wholly new and greater result. I’m not aware of the relationship dynamics of the members nor of their history with music or one another, but I know that together, the members produced a very well produced, interesting album containing a multitude of enjoyable tracks as well as some great food for thought.

Their songs range from the fun and loose “Take it Easy” to the solemn “Anchor” with a diverse mix of instrumentals and experimental cuts in between these. I keep returning to their album and select tracks constantly, albeit at different times and for different reasons, but the message and the music resonate with me. I guessing it may do the same for some of you (at least those into the rap-hip-hop-electronics-hous-trance-dance-pop-instrumental scene).

Check out one of their recording sessions in the below video, as it will give you a flavor of their work.

Now that you too are convinced of their skill and virtue, here are your options to acquire Beautiful Eulogy’s first album:

Download the Album for free on Noisetrade


Because I’m nice, I’m also gonna share this vid from Satellite Kite: