Dear Wilmington,

Today I awoke to the sound of a downpour. The constant droplets tapped my windows, and the sky held to darkness well after the sunrise. Gusts of wind caught hold of leaves and dashed them toward the dampened ground. Light reflected off the streets, and a mist hovered on wet fields of green. That solemn scent of dying leaves and rain was unmistakable.

Right now we are in the midst of blissful, gothic fall. The foliage is not gone in full–it runs the gamut of green to hazel, with hundreds of hues between them. Against the overcast sky of gray these colors carry a bolder tone. The temperature is cool but not yet cold, and the gentle breeze leaves as quickly as it comes, allowing for only a moment’s discomfort.

This time will pass us quickly. We complained of the heat once the equinox passed, and now we are receiving the rites of this season. We are being granted all we requested. Yes, it will likely keep us indoors; and yes, our plans will change, but do not lose sight of the glorious scene, of autumn on the eastern coast. Savor it while it lasts a short while, for many months will come and go before it returns again.

Smell the air. Watch the leaves. Listen to the rain. And if you must remain indoors, with your grand plans for the days laid to waste, grab a book and a cup of tea (or whatever beverage suits you), sit by a window and read with abandon. Or simply watch the world at work, the natural symphony of earth. Capture the time, for fall is fleeting.

May the hours pass slowly.