Spreading Wings or Spreading Thin?

Next Friday, NANOWRIMO will begin. In the month of November, I will write the first draft of another novel, my fourth to be specific (though only 1 is published). Frankly, I need to get back to revising prior first drafts rather than completing new ones, and I will–after November. As far as this upcoming month is concerned, I will add another first draft to my shelf. Given my weekly Sabbaths and a handful of unavailable days, I’ll get 20 total writing days during month, which means I will need to clock about 2,500 words a day. I am looking forward to it, as I am much more prepared than I was last year (of course, last year I wasn’t working).

I have three ideas with which I’m toying. The first is a science fiction piece about two individuals finding attachment to the same robot. The second came from a more organic place and serves as a 20-something, finding-oneself, coming-of-age tale. The third is a fantasy novel about warring factions trying to inhabit the lands of a fallen country. All three ideas are of interest to me in different ways, and chances are I may eventually try my hand at each them.  I’ve spent a good deal of time on the outlines for the first and second books, while the third has emerged simply from “eureka” moments shaving or driving, which makes it a dangerous one, as it may is clearly not ready.

Of course, prior to NANOWRIMO’s beginning, I will need to complete two articles I’ve promised to others–a review and an editorial. And I have to get my blog posts prepped, as I won’t have much time to write anything outside the first draft if I want to complete it in time.

Then there’s the children’s books on which I’m working, the study guide for Stronghold which went into limbo, and the romance novel about which I wrote earlier in the year.

And Twitter. I am really lousy on Twitter.

I’m incredibly excited about my writing, but I am also exhausted and somewhat discouraged. Some days I really do not think I have it in me. Then I look at the above outlined list, and I realize that I do. I AM a writer. If I can harness my energies, commit to realistic goals, and persevere past the rejections, disappointments, and the failures–I can make it. I believe that the Lord has given me the talent and the tools to do so; I just need to be diligent in using them.

But the present is still hard, and I really have my doubts. I wonder if I am broadening my skill set with all these new endeavors or simply trying to do too much, with none of it being done to my highest potential.

I wrestle with questions like these. Like every other real author out there, I want to create because I feel the work is worth doing and the truth is worth exploring, even if one does not see many results from doing so. At least not yet.

My apologies. This has been quite a rambling session. But this is the life we writers live, at least during some seasons in our career. Thank you for bearing with me as I pursue my dream.

Here’s hoping yours is going better,