October Links

Dear Parents, You Need to Control Your Kids
A surprising article about one parent’s response to another’s dilemma

Dear Parents with Young Children in Church
A great read about “those families” who may or may not even exist in your congregation

Is Your Fire Fading?
A Pastor’s 11-year-old asks a valid question for believers of all ages.
13 Rules for Comma Use
A Good “Secondary Primer” on commas

15 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic with Irresistable Tweets
This helps

How to Write a Solid Business Plan
Good Stuff, this.

50 Cliches to Ban from Your Script
A solid litmus test/checklist for any writer
75 Years of Heroic History
An Awesome Vid of Superman’s Exploits for the last 75 years!

“To the Flying Public, We’re Sorry”
A Flight Attendant’s Manifesto of sorts

Pope Warns Church must Find Balance or Fail
He’s at it again!

What Does It Really Mean to Cause Someone To Stumble?
This kind of goes without saying, but it’s still worth saying again.

Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy
Hey, I resemble that remark!

Giving Money to Children Beggars
Some interesting food for thought on charity in the streets.

The Male Architect’s of Miley’s Wrecking Ball
A great Article by my friend and former mentor, Mark Joseph

Why We Love #AddaWordRuinAChristianBook
A Christianity Today Article on the Trending Hashtag in which I participated
My entries were:
Don’t Waste Your Life Cereal #AddaWordRuinaChristianBook
The End of our Exploring Ninjas #AddaWordRuinaChristianBook
Out of the Silent Captain Planet #AddaWordRuinaChristianBook

Was Jesus Political? Undoubtedly
A look at Christ’s subversive insurrection

Mark Driscoll: 7 Ways We Kill Sabbath
I don’t agree with Brother Mark on everything, but this is legit

Pornography: The New Narcotic
John Piper breaks it down for us.

The Christians as the Romans Saw Them
A fascinating look at how ancient Christians appeared in the eyes of their contemporaries