C4C Update

Two Weeks ago, I blogged very briefly about the fact that my time was limited due to my building for Creations for Charity, which you can learn more about here. I am happy to say that as of this post, I have submitted my donations, and they are now available in the Creations For Charity store, available for purchase by members of Bricklink.

I proposed a pretty high initial charge for them, but I was very proud of the way these works came together, and I think they’re worth asking a few extra dollars to go toward buying Christmas presents for children this year. Below is a picture of each model and a brief description. If somebody reminds me come in November, I will try to post how it all went. Last year I submitted six models, and I sold five. This year I’m hoping to sell all five that I was able to submit.

“Lego Logan Versus Ninjas”


Item Description: If you enjoyed this summer’s hit film The Wolverine, or the legendary comic on which it was loosely based, then “Lego Logan Versus Ninjas” is for you. Featuring 3 warriors and Logan himself, this set includes assorted weapons (plus two chrome knives), flesh-tone figs (like a topless Wolverine), and a simple brick-built base. Check out more pictures on Flickr. Shipped from USA

“Wookies Are Known to Do That”


Item Description: We all know the dialogue: C-3PO: “But sir, no one worries about upsetting a droid.”
Han Solo: “That’s cause Droids don’t pull peoples’ arms out of their sockets when they lose. Wookies are known to do that.” We never got [to] see this event in all it’s wonder during the Star Wars films, but NOW you can own a little artistic representation of how that might look in the Lego Universe. Featuring 4 Star Wars mini-figs and a simple, brick-built base, “Wookies are Known to Do That” is a perfect gift for some Star Wars or Lego Fan this holiday (or just a fun piece for one’s own enjoyment), which will likely be both a conversation starter and source of laughs! Check out more pictures on Flickr. Shipped from USA


“Call 9-1-1 for Heroes”


Item Description: Every Day in the United States, people need the help of doctors, firemen, and the police! Celebrate the heroism of every day heroes who save lives, fight fire, and protect and serve! “Call 9-1-1 For Heroes” features 4 mini-figs, and a brick built base! Shipped from USA


“Ent & Orc”

ITEM DESCRTIPTION:  Any Lord of the Rings fan will love this Mini-fig scaled Ent inspired by Tolkien’s renowned world of Middle Earth. Using a Bionicle skeleton for increased flexibility, this highly-articulated Ent can be posed in a variety of positions and can even HOLD the Orc minion that accompanies him. The Build is sturdy, but rough play will result in his losing a limb. For Lego Fans or LOTR fans in general, this brick-and-bionicle Ent will serve as a wonderful display piece! Check out more pictures on Flickr. Shipped from USA


“Parker-In; Spidey-Out”


Item Description: One minute he’s mild-mannered photographer Peter Parker, the next he’s the Amazing Spider-man! “Parker-in; Spidey Out!” features a flesh-toned version of Peter Parker with camera running into a building’s front door, and your friendly neighborhood Spider-man exiting out the back window! This dual-sided dio captures both characters in one felt swoop! Check out more pictures on Flickr. Shipped from USA


As of this post, none of the Builds have sold, but I am hoping they will by the end of Next Week!