Below is the tentative “back cover matter” for the novel I am writing for National Novel Write Month this year:

“Here’s what you do: Take ten minutes alone in silence. Think about your life. Not about the ‘to-do’ list, not about the spouse, or the kids. Just you, your life, and the silence. For Ten minutes. As soon as you’re done, write down ten pieces of unfinished business you have forgotten in the clamor of living. Never paint a self-portrait? Never drive a race car? Never tell your neighbor how you feel about them? Do you need to say you’re sorry because you did? Whatever ten things first pop into your mind, write them down. Then take the next ten days to either make them happen or get on the path to make them happen. Take vacation. Call out sick. Quit your job, if you have to. Just do all you can to get them finished as soon as possible. Drop that baggage that’s slowing your progress and start to sprint toward the life you want.

Once you have no unfinished business, you can get down to the business of living.”

That’s the call Tim Davis heard on October 16, 2012. This is the story of what happened when he answered.

So, there you have it. This is the pitch. This is the plan. Frankly, my output so far has not been great, but a bad first draft is better than no draft at all. And I think a really good story is in the idea, somewhere. Of course, I may need another two drafts to find it.

Word Count as of this post: 9,480
Words Remaining: 40,520