7 Ways to Improve Your Weekend. For Free.

And be intentional with these. Going halfsies won’t work. GO WHOLSIES, Friends. 

  1. Encourage someone: someone you know, a stranger, a friend, anybody. Make it a goal of your day to improve their day. 
  2. Go for a walk / run without watching the clock. Just exist outdoors with God and his gift of beautiful nature.
  3. Make a list “10 Things I Adore Right now”. I dare you to keep it to 10. Bet you get to twenty pretty easy.
  4. Contact an old friend on Facebook, just tell them your hope they are doing well in life.
  5. Eat Fruit outside. As Marge Simpson tells us, “Fruit is nature’s candy,” and something about eating it in its element is just…right. Unless you are stung by a bee, which is the worst (but this shouldn’t be an issue in near-winter).
  6. Listen to one song that you love while doing nothing else. Just you and the music. I bet you like the song more thereafter.
  7. Thank God, then say Amen. No requests. Just thanks.