NANOWRIMO UPDATE 2: What have I done? Well, plenty…but I’m not finished yet.

So I have to hit this post quick due to my lagging on National Novel Write Month (thank you, debilitating allergies last weekend), but I am gonna give y’all an update, regardless.

Last night I hit the midpoint of my story, which puts me directly on track considering that we are nearly halfway through the month. The first draft so far has “felt” good as I’ve plowed through it, but I am sure that’s the adrenaline talking. It’s probably pretty lousy, but a lousy first draft is better than endless notes never put to prose. I will say that I am certain that nuggets of the story are great–I just need to raise everything surrounding them to the same level.

But that’s for a later draft.

Right now is a sprint, fast and dirty, to 50,000 words.

Word Count as of this post: 30,308
Minimum Words Remaining: 19,692