Quick Life Update: Sick and Spoiled

This morning, I’m taking my first trip back to SoCal in 16 months.

But I’m ill. Real ill. Some sort of viral Upper Respritory Infection. Wednesday, the doctor said that it would have to run it’s course, no stopping it, and if I wasn’t shipshape by Sunday, I need to start an antibiotic.

Despite knowing this, I still went to work yesterday, which made me worse, I’m sure. That day is a blur honestly. Not sure how I got anything done. Or done right, for that matter.

All that to say, The Lord and I have had more than one conversation about this.

How am I sick, now of all times in the last year? How I am gonna get through the flight and actually enjoy the trip itself?

I’ve been angry. I won’t lie about that. And frankly I’m sure that my thoughts and attitudes have been less than God-honoring. It’s just been that kind of season of life–a season in which things do not go the way I want, but God is still good. He is always good. I’ve had to remind myself of this often the last few weeks…but that doesn’t make it less true. If anything it makes it’s truth more necessary.

I’m sick. I’m traveling. And My vacation is going to be more difficult than I would have liked. But at least this illness will pass. At least I can afford to travel. At least I get a vacation. Indeed, God is good. And I am spoiled.

Now that’s the truth.


Sorry I missed Wednesday, like I said, I’ve been under the weather, and it’s been really cold these days, 


Thanks for reading,