December Links

Want more to read…Here’s some stuff.


Five Things to Teach Your Children this Christmas

Child Nagging
Great Insight for Parents

Everybody is living a better life than you
A wonderful article from the Onion


7 Step Business Plan for Writers

The #1 Mindset Trick for Writing Longevity

100% of Indie Authors who do this sell more books
Funneling and your publishing brand.A MUST READ FOR WRITERS


That Viral “Poverty Thoughts” Post is Totally Ridiculous
I was duped. How bout you?

The Real Problem with Mark Driscoll’s ‘Citation Errors’

This is a great piece on “Super-Pastors”

What People Are Really Thinking When They Invite You To Church
Kinda cheesy but sweet

When Christmas Gets Radical: Whose Birthday Is It Anyway?
Good practice round the holidays

Why I Decided to Sell Everything I Owned
An interesting look at one person’s journey through owning less.

Action Figures [Sales] in the Doldrums
My once-beloved hobby…

Tolkien and the Long Defeat
A powerful piece on the mind and heart of the beloved author

Your First Season As A Retail Manager
Getting real about retail

Paul Walker 1973-2013
An interesting obit on the recently deceased star of the Fast and Furious franchise

Pastors Decry Ruling…That Free Housing Allowance is Unconstitutional
Increased taxation of the Church. I knew it was coming…

Poor Shaming
John Mark Reynolds again reminds us of important truth.