An Old Blog…Revisited.

Finding your old writings can be scary, especially if you are me. Last night I spent three hours crawling through old blog post from the site I ran from 2007 – 2009, and I was shocked by what I found–not due to how badly I wrote or silly I seemed but, rather, due to the similarity of my syntax and tone then and now.

This makes me wonder, “have I grown as a writer? Have I grown as a person?”

Of course. The tonal consistency of my writing over the last few years confirms not a lack of maturity so much as knowing my voice and recognizing it. It’s the content that is in question, and the reality I discovered last night is that the degrees to which I wrote about serious matters and silly matters have shifted significantly. Whereas I might have written one serious post for every 12 on my prior site, I now tend to stick towards bearing my soul here at 3LC and leaving my more frivolous remarks for Twitter, Facebook, or personal conversation. While that may not mean much, it means something. Plus, as I went through the posts, I found a number of thoughts that would be  fitting for this present blog as well as a few others that will be welcome additions to the regular content (and include some of the aforementioned frivolous remarks).

That being said, you can count on a few posts from the old Stage to return from the archives this year, like the following (funny how things stay the same, huh?):

The below content was Originally posted at on Thursday, January 25th, 2007 at 9:15 am


STUNK’S STAGE? What nonsense is this?

Hi all, C.J. Stunkard, your host and friend, coming to you with my thoughts, musings, rants, reviews and whatever else I feel the need to discuss.  Stunk’s Stage is my platform to reach as many people as possible with ideas and concepts that I want to dispell into the ether, and I hope all four of you that actually come across them enjoy your time here.

For those of you want some background info on me, I am a hopeful writer from the USA, eastern-seaboard state of Delaware, who has traversed the elements of wind and airport security in a move to western-seaboard state of California–3000 miles from home. I have since married and currently reside in a distant suburb of Los Angeles, looking into the moon while I dream of making movies and being interviewed on talk shows. I’m a self-described geek who has a very odd spectrum of taste in music, film, and more.  I work out to compensate for my overt nerdiness, but still stick to my geek roots by talking about Star Wars or comics at least once a day, usually.

My journey, story, and opinion are no more or less important than yours. In fact, I’m probably much less intelligent than you are and not half as funny. So, why am I doing this site?  I don’t know, probably narcissism. I just enjoy having a platform from which to toss ideas and enjoy a good discussion. It’s fun, and much easier than running a newspaper. So if you have time to burn, enjoy a good laugh, and want to read the thoughts of another dreamer, enjoy!!!!