Replaying Songs of Scripture

I have spoken of the way music and melody have helped me better memorize Scripture.

Here’s why it’s so cool.

A friend on Facebook posted a status recently that she needed a Scripture that “feels like a hug”. I paused for a moment, and a song came to mind–not a real song but one of the melodies behind my Scripture memory. Like any other beloved favorite, the tune brought the words from my mind through my fingertips. The content was that of Daniel 4, because nothing feels like a hug as much as knowing that God is overseeing all things.

Then, as I continued to scroll through my feed; I found the same friend had shared a Scripture on her own wall earlier that day, and as I read it, I felt it was very familiar. And it was. I had posted about it previously as one of my “songs”. Once again, the music played in my head’s stereo, and the beautiful words of Scripture began to flow out of my memory and onto the screen.

I did not hear back from the friend whether that was what she needed, but I was very glad to have shared it with her, and I was deeply encouraged by the power of memory, the value of having Scripture in the waiting, and the joy I experienced in recalling it–like lyrics from an overly-listened-to track on a favorite band’s CD.

I see experiences like these as gifts from God. These small interactions seem to be foreseen and planned long before they occur, and I would assert that they are his way of affirming our methods and reinforcing our pursuits. I love him for giving us these moments. He is a good God, indeed.

And he has given us a wonderful library of ancient wisdom, beauty, and history. His Holy Scriptures are the pinnacle of literature; they have defined existence for an enormous number of persons over the course of civilization.

Have you read The Word today?
Have you paused over an iota of its truth?

You should. Who knows, you may discover a new favorite verse (and even a melody to accompany it).