Be my Reader, Editor, and More!

I’m excited. Really excited.

I am going to release another book in the next twelve months, a young adult novel entitled, To Retreat from Romance. I am happy with the preliminary drafts, and I look forward to making it the best novel it can be.

But I cannot do it alone. The truth is that I need help to do it; real help, not affirmation from “yes men” and cheerleaders but strong feedback from people who like what they know and know what they like. I am building an amazing team of committed readers to help me refine and proofread this latest novel. And guess what, I want you to join that team! Yes, you! Especially, you!

Here’s the deal: 

To Retreat from Romance follows the romantic misadventures of a group of high school freshmen on their first, full-weekend church retreat; and the story is full of all the characters, antics, lessons, and breakthroughs that made those weekends memorable for so many of us. 

For its release, I need a few folks (a max of 12) willing to commit time, effort, and energy toward expanding 3LC Publishing into a new frontier with quality, energy, and enthusiasm!

So what am I asking of you, really? Well, it’s plenty. BUT I think you’ll find that in the end it’s worth it. Why? Because I’ve helped some folks with their projects, and I’ve never regretted doing so; and because I am also going to try to make it worth your while. Here’s your commitment level:

You are not required to review it on any site (though you are welcome to do so).
You do not need to promise to tell ten people (though you may want to).
You will not be asked to personally buy twenty copies yourself (because that would just be silly).

But you will need to…

1) Read the Digital Rough Draft of To Retreat from Romance and answer a survey about the book. 
(Draft provided as soon as you are committed to the team, with responses due March 14, 2014)
This is a broad reading where you’ll be able to comment on everything. What you liked, what you didn’t, what should change, what can’t change, etc.

2) Read the Digital Revised Draft of To Retreat from Romance and answer a second, similar survey.
(Draft provided May 1, 2014, with responses due June 15, 2014)
This draft will reflect the changes and edits provided by the prior draft’s feedback and be a slightly different and hopefully better reading experience. But once again, you’ll be answering a similar set of questions.

3) Offer feedback on “Reading Group Questions” for a small group/book club 
(Questions provided June 30, 2014, with responses due July 14, 2014)
This content will be made available at either the 3LC site or as an appendix in the book. The series of questions will be presented to engage readers of all ages in group discussion about the spiritual content of the story.

4) Offer feedback on “Personal Reader Questions” for a reader to explore on his or her own.
(Draft provided July 15, 2014, with responses due August 4, 2014)
With a similar purpose as the above, only for personal application.

5) Proofread the PHYSICAL Proof of To Retreat from Romance
(Draft Mailed before September 15, with responses due no later than October 15, 2014)
This draft will be a big, final improvement from the last one, but you’ll be looking for every typo, oddly spaced item, and little issue that irks you as a reader–a sentence, an “off” line of dialogue, or a misplaced comma. This is it. How it looks in your hands is how it will look to any reader when we go to publication.

No small task, right? I am asking you to read 1 book 3 times in 11 months, plus take a few surveys. That’s alot; I know. But if you are willing to see this project through to the end, you’ll be afforded the following benefits:

1) You’ll receive a signed, hard copy of the proof for To Retreat from Romance (these will be limited copies, so it’s kind of a cool deal), which will contain YOUR NAME IN PRINT, in the acknowledgement section, as a member of the “Reading & Revisions Committee,” the special title for all the readers and editors who will be part of our team.

2) Plus, you’ll get a copy of the final version of To Retreat from Romance.

3) An additional second physical copy of To Retreat from Romance to give to a friend, fellow reader, family member, etc. (and I will sign it for them personally if you know to whom you want to give it)!

4) My gratitude and sincere appreciation, written on the 3LC Publishing Site, to be visible as long as that site is up and running. 

I know; I know. The requirements outweigh the benefits. It’s true. But I think having one’s name in print is a pretty sweet deal (otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this), and I am giving you a physical copy for each time you read the book.

This is your chance to participate in the writing process with a clear and tangible end result you can hold in your hands. I sincerely need help from readers who love good stories and are willing to help me tell one.

If you have any interest, please e-mail me at [email protected] and answer the below questions:

1) Why do you want to be a part of the “Reading & Revisions Committee”?
2) Can you commit to ALL of the tasks as outlined in this post, and will you fulfill them honestly and as requested, solely for the expressed benefits promised, with the understanding that if you do not complete them in full, said benefits will not be bestowed?
3) Do you promise? (just kidding)