Random Thoughts of a Disorganized Writer

Life has a way of escaping from us. One moment we have our paths outlined. We have our goals, our 5-year plans, and our action steps and priority items for the coming week. The next seeming moment–or at least the next moment we think on these things–we are behind in nearly every area, we’ve become lost on this tangent or that sidebar, and we have to reassess everything. We need to reset our priorities, recalibrate our goals, and redefine our boundaries and expectations.

Funny how much the process of achieving anything is dependent on constant vigilance of the process itself, rather than the act in question. If someone had told me a central aspect of writing was taking time each week to organize and plan before sitting to actually put words to the page, I never would have believed them. Now that I am “in the thick of it”; I don’t know how successful writers achieve anything without this facet of their workload.

Or maybe I’m just disorganized.

I write this because I find myself pulled in different direction constantly these days. Inasmuch as I want to be a novelist, my time is more dedicated to journalism. Inasmuch as I want to run my own successful blog through producing articles, my work is more often used elsewhere. So, I return to my to-do lists for the week, the month, the year, and I see where I need to make course corrections to reach my long term goals, even at the expense of my short term ones. You’d think I was running some kind of business, and this is a part of making the gears turn.

Not sure what’s leading to this post beyond my desire to maintain some level of regular content here at 3LC, despite my efforts seemingly going to the other sites to which I happily contribute. Seems like a strange reason to write a post, I know. I’ve considered not posting it all, which would be the very type of counterproductive decision that is causing me not post here less and less. Oh the neurosis of being a writer.

Or maybe it’s just being me. =)

Thanks for reading, everyone. I know this one was a doozy. Keep living life loving Christ; I know I am.