A Budding Romance

Several weeks ago, I received feedback on my second novel, To Retreat From Romance.

I knew that I would have some mixed responses, but I did not expect them to be as varied as they were. While some folks loved one subplot, others thought it unmotivated (or non-existent). Whereas one reader found certain elements to be a great part of the story, another loathed them. Different attitudes informed diametrically opposed responses regarding not only the content but the tone as well. I was reminded of my review of Real Men Don’t Text and felt that perhaps I was guilty of all the things I previously critiqued.

As a result, my attitude toward my second novel has shifted dramatically, and I will be returning to formula in a few of areas—not all of those recommended but some. My readers keyed into issues I would never have noticed simply because I enjoyed the way I told my story, even if it was not the best way to do so. I have chapters to add, others to reduce and possibly combine. I have subplots that need exploration and main plot points that need clarification. I have already made enough changes to know the next draft will be decidedly different and hopefully better than the first.

This is the stuff of which a writer dreams—that he or she would produce something that first elicits strong reactions in either direction and then demands improvement of the work as a result. I am immensely thankful for my Romance Revisions Committee and their insights. Be assured, you have fellow readers whose vigilance will provide you with a better experience than they had upon the first time engaging this novel.

Inasmuch as my workload has increased beyond expectation, I have nothing but hope looking toward this next draft. I know what worked in the last one, and I know why. Additionally, I know how to harness those strengths while also improving upon those things that failed. To Retreat From Romance is going to be a good book; of that, I am confident. And thanks to my team, it will be a far better book than one I could have produced by myself.

Thanks for reading all,


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