A Writing Update

On a related note to my prior post, I am ecstatic to be moving into our new place. The unit contains a loft that my wife recommended I use as an office. We’ve already done the floor plan, and I’ve even ordered my first new piece of décor. For the first time, I will have a writing room specifically set aside to make a mess, outline ideas, and create. I have plans to utilize the space in real ways that will hopefully increase productivity and provide for a wonderful working environment in the evenings and weekends.

My hopes for productivity in the back half of 2014 have exponentially increased.

Granted, I may fail to release my second novel, To Retreat from Romance, by year end; but I will be able to at least get a number of other projects off the ground and into drafting mode (but more on that to come during the fall months). I have had so many ideas in the pressure cooker, but I have needed some space and opportunity to better explore them.

God is granting me that.

And I think the timing will be right. Given my time, energy levels, and space availability since mid April, I’ve been relegated to focusing on articles and reading primarily–also listening to a number of podcasts analyzing story. By the time my office is ready for action, I’ll have some new timeframes available to dedicate to writing.

What’s to come?

Well, you’ll have to keep returning to the 3LC Blog for answers. I’ll just say I’m hoping to revamp blog content, tease story ideas as they are developing, and possibly provide even stronger content in the next year of publishing than I was able to achieve in this last one.  To Retreat will be my central fiction focus, but other projects will begin to find their footing, and I must continue article writing to maintain my financial stream (Stronghold’s numbers have nearly dried again).

I look forward to getting back to it—this novel writing—sooner rather than later. Yes, the family and establishing our home come first, but I cannot use them as an excuse to avoid the nitty-gritty editing I have to do on Retreat, nor can I stop chipping away at the other ideas I have waiting. When I am writing, I still feel God’s pleasure. I know it’s what I am built to do, and when I do it, it’s like worship.


Thanks for joining my celebration,