Latest Published Article: Fighting the Good Fight

I have been talking with Jarrad Miller, founder and lead at the online ministry, GodoverPorn.Org. Jarrad has been a presence for raising awareness through not only his own site and Twitter (where he and I met) but also his own city. Jarrad is the type of dude who drives to adult bookstores and puts his business card with the GOP address on windshield wipers of shoppers.

Yeah, he keeps it real.

He was recently willing to publish an article that I wrote for his newly-redesigned site, and I invite you to check it out as we continue into this new week. Entitled, “Fighting the Good Fight”, the article is an encouragement to believers to keep holding strong in the face of constant temptation.

Hopefully readers will take it to heart, if only to make it through this next week or even just today.

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