Revisiting a Facebook list from 2009

So, you know that “self-indulgence” I mention in the header…Well, here’s some.

As I said in 2009, “Hope y’all dig this. I promise that none are lies…not even 14.”

As today is my birthday, I thought it timely and appropriate to revisit a little list I posted on Facebook January 29, 2009 at 6:03 PM, entitled, “25 Thangs About Me”. And in bold, I have offered my personal reaction…over five and 1/2 years later.  The truly funny “thang” is how I haven’t really changed, inasmuch as I actually have.

RULES [of original post]: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

(To do this, go to “notes” under tabs (+) on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.) 

I wonder if this is still happening.

1) It’s hard to think 25 random facts about me…at least ones that won’t make me look like an idiot.

Still Guilty. Even now. 

2) If I could have one “superpower”, it would be the ability to retain all that I read verbatim. That, or maybe, flight.

Given my fear of heights, flight may still be in the cards…but the ability to recite is still very enticing. 

3) My birthday occurs in June, which means every 6 months I receive gifts (Christmas/Birthday/Christmas/Birthday). This made for an excellent childhood.

And a pretty solid adulthood also. 

4) I would rather live in the mountains than near the beach. Though I prefer both of those to the city.

Despite my loathing of sand, I may have turned on this one. I am more afraid of sharks than bears, though, which may lead me ot the mountains. And the city…I still do not prefer it, though I spend a fair amount of my week working in one. 

5) I would rather be a vampire than a werewolf.
Yeah, but only if I could be a guilt-ridden vampire like Angel or Brad Pitt’s character from Interview with the vampire. I would not trust myself in either capacity.

6) I enjoy playing Guitar Hero on medium difficulty, because then I can jump around and reakly Rock and/or Roll while playing, and still win. On hard, I have to pay close attention.
Oh yes.  

7) I consider movies to be as valid an art form as painting, sculpture, literary writing, music and theatre.


8) My favorite toys are Lego elements.

This is tough. I do love classic action figures like G.I. Joes, Star Wars, etc. I don’t think I have a specific favorite toy. I kinda have love for a great variety of them. 

9) I lost over 40 pounds since July 2008. I hope to loose another 15-20 by July 2009.
At lowest weight since Junior High. Looks like I eventually lost those last 20. 

10) As much as I’d love to make a fortune in films or writing, I’d rather make a projects that affect people, that connects with them emotionally,and that changes the way they see the world or themselves in it.

Yes. I don’t want a fortune inasmuch as I want to make a living, but even that seems like a far dream. I am happy to have written a book and put together a few indie movies with friends that had the aforementioned results. 

11) I am terrified of a great many things, including: Home Invasion, Prison, Snakes, Water Snakes, Sharks, Heights, Failure, and being Buried Alive. Also, Snakes.

Yes. Although I’ve experienced enough failure at this point to be less afraid of it.

12) I love my job.

I am thankful to have my job.

13) I want to re-learn how to play the piano, and I want to write music like my grandfather did.

This is still a desire, but I could never justify the time commitment. Instead, I enjoy the piano recordings I have on iTunes. Others play better than I ever will…unless I can learn piano in heaven. 

14) I won my high school presidential election but was fairly unsuccessful during my term in office–and by fairly unsuccessful, I mean that I was pretty crappy–though i am uncertain of how one should define success as a high school counsel president.

Yes to this.

15) My favorite exercise is the push-up, followed by the pull-up and basic crunch.

The pull-up is now my favorite. No exercise is more rewarding than a well-executed pull-up. Or a good run. 

16) The food I miss most when dieting is french fries.


17) If I saw a bear attacking someone, I would charge at said bear with extreme prejudice–not because I hate bears, but because I don’t think anything would make me feel better about myself than battling a bear and surviving. I wouldn’t want to kill it, just stop it from killing somebody else; of course, if it killed me, it would be one of the fates’ all-time backfires.

Many things would make me feel better about myself than surviving a fight with a bear…but that would still be epic. 

18) I believe in Jesus Christ and the God of the Bible, but I am not a Republican. Nor a Democrat.

Yes. Though I am embarrassed this is so long in coming on this list.  

19) I prefer the music of Janet Jackson to the music of Madonna; and I thought Janet’s last CD, Discipline, was excellent.

I don’t think I’d call “Discipline” an excellent CD these days, but Janet still beats Madonna in My book. 

20) One of my goals for 2009 is to watch all 22 James Bond films in order.

And I did…and I did not love them.

21) I host a podcast on my website,; and my co-host and I have 20 podcasts available for download.

This no longer applies but was true at the time. I doubt I would ever host a podcast again; I do not enjoy listening to myself all this time later. 

22) I am looking forward to discovering more music from the band, The Grass Roots.

I did so…annd I have long forgotten what I discovered. I think they sang, “Midnight Confessions”, which was pretty good. 

23) My favorite salad is a Caesar.

Nope. The Caesar has been displaced by both the Cobb and the Wedge. Though a good Caesar is still a joy to eat.

24) A former life goal of mine was to run a marathon, but that’s no longer something I intend to pursue. …at least not for now.

Yes. I have no desire to run a marathon for its own sake.

25) I am currently reading “A History of Narrative Film” by David Cook, and I am reading each chapter twice in hopes of better retaining the information.

Well, I can honestly say that I didn’t finish it…and I donated/sold the book.

Well, that’s more than enough about me for another year or so. If you made this far, you must think I’m an alright dude. Thank you.