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Creations for Charity 2014

Posted by on Oct 31, 2014 in Offsite Content

C4C-2B2014-2BLogoSo this year, I submitted three donations to Creations for Charity, which is less than I had intended, but that’s how it went. Check ’em out below and feel free to go to the Creations for Charity Store and become a Bricklink member to support the cause!



Title: “DinoDude Versus GorillaGuy”
Description: It’s Mini-Figure Mayhem!  Series 5 Dino Dude and Series 3 Gorilla Guy are on the rampage through Brickadelphia!  Their battle has already left half the block in flame and ruin, and they are headed for more destruction! Set features multiple Micro Scale buildings as well as the above mentioned Mini-Figures!




Title:“Megatron Must Be Stopped”
Description: The Decepticons are attacking the power station in search of Energon, and Megatron Must be Stopped. Join Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Red Alert on their mission to stop Megatron, Starscream, and Skywarp. Inspired by the 1986 motion picture soundtrack score composed by Vince DiCola, this model features two brick-built micro vehicles (a trailer and a sedan) and includes 6 Hasbro Kreons. Note: may feature an additional half dozen Kre-o parts/plates; the rest is 100% Lego!



Title: “The Legend of SpaceClops”
Description: Just read the picture…This one’s my favorite.

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Review : The Remaining : from Kingstone Media

Posted by on Oct 28, 2014 in Reviews & Recommendations

PLEASE NOTE: I Received a copy of the graphic novel for review purposes.

The Remaining

from Kingstone Media


Kingstone Media released The Remaining last month to coincide with the theatrical debut of the film of the same name. From what I gathered in the book’s credits, the Kingstone team completed the comic as an adaptation of the original screenplay by Casey La Scala rather than the film version, which La Scala also co-directed. Since I cannot speak to the original screenplay nor the movie, I will review the book on its own merits and faults; however, I should note that the adaptation completed by Roland Mann may suffer from limitations over which he had no control. Therefore, I am also giving the book a bit of grace regarding some of my critiques.

But enough for qualifiers. Let me just lay the verdict on the table: The Remaining is good—not great but good. The story moves well, focuses on characters over clutter, and offers a fair share of surprises. Vast in scope yet small in canvas, the events that impact our characters also affect the whole world, but we never leave the presence of our core ensemble. The book offers a few good surprise turns, one specifically I had not considered but made all the sense in the world, leading me to one of those “duh” moments. In fact, I called the outcomes wrong on more than one occasion, thinking I’d be getting one thing then almost immediately getting another, and I like when that happens (so long as the unexpected is an appropriate choice for the story). So, that’s “the good”.

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Holiday Giving for Toy Hobbyists : My latest at

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My latest article at was less of an opinion piece and more of a call to action.

Here’s the gist: Do you have great memories of getting toys at the holidays?  Then give toys at the holidays.

Here’s an Excerpt:

I am writing this post early and asking my fellow figure fans to join me in making this holiday special for children. Many opportunities exist to give, at least in the States, with some organizations accepting toys they pass directly to children. That’s right. You can shop for great figures that you know you will make it into the hands of children. …

Check it. And please consider giving to Toys for Tots this season!

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In God’s Image : Illustrator : Javier Saltares

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Over the last several months, I’ve had the privilege of working with Art Ayris and his team at Kingstone Media. One of Kingstone’s collaborators is Javier “Jarv” Saltares, an illustrator whose art you have likely seen. He has worked on Wolverine and Ghost Rider for Marvel, as well as G.I. Joe for IDW (he was penciller on the acclaimed “Cobra: Civil War” arc).

Jarv also did work on Book of God, which I recommended earlier this year, and he was kind enough to participate in 3LC’s ongoing “In God’s Image” series. Below are his answers to our standard questions, and I hope you’ll take the time to get to know him better and seek out some of his work.


1. Define yourself in one word (Disciple, Christian, American, Man, etc.)



2. Why do you choose that term?

That’s what I am, one of many.


3. In two sentences, tell us about your artistic endeavors, what you produce and who you see as your audience?

I am a story teller. That’s why I choose to illustrate comics. I love the idea of telling stories visually. Words are fine but pictures fill in blanks words can’t. My audience is anyone who enjoys the same.


4.What was the latest comic to feature your art and what led to its creation? Can you give us your favorite three books on which you’ve worked?

Latest book I’ve worked on is “Esther” for Kingstone Media. It was written by Ben Avery. A fun book. Favorite books I’ve worked on are my own David’s Mighty Men, Ghost Rider, and Wolverine. (Still a comic geek.)


5. How has your career as an artist required you to sacrifice?

Having to work to put food on the table always gets in the way of working on things I would much rather be doing. I sacrifice doing my own projects to work for others. I also sacrifice a steady income. This life isn’t for everyone.


6.What is your primary goal as an artist?

To produce something others truly enjoy. That they find some personal value in it. 


7. What is your largest hope for those who engage your art?

To be effected by it in the way that I am while I’m doing it. That we, the audience and I, make that connection.


8. What are two key ways in which you believe your art benefits readers today?

Hopefully, that they are moved and inspired by it.


9. How have you seen God’s goodness and faithfulness in your work?

The fact that others are willing to pay me to do something I enjoy is all the goodness need.


10. How can readers learn more about you and your art?

Google my name. There’s plenty out there about me and my work.


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Recommendation : The Bible: Volume 1 : The Beginning : From Kingstone Media

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PLEASE NOTE: I received a copy of this book from Kingstone Media for review purposes.

The Bible: Volume 1: The Beginning
By Kingstone Media


The Bible: Volume 1: The Beginning is the first work in a graphic novel anthology from Kingstone Media, who is adapting the entire Holy Bible into a 12-volume set. This  first piece—and I assume the others—will contain some of the standalone issues already released by Art Ayris and his team, but the stories will now be contextualized into the overarching narrative of Scripture.

This first entry shows the creative license necessary in adaption while maintaining the attention to interpretation and contextual detail that one can expect from Kingstone’s work. This first volume contains the stories of Creation, The Fall, The Flood, Babel, and Job (the last of these I recommended, here).

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