No Nano This Year…

Yea, that’s right: I am not doing National Novel Write Month this November–the first November since moving back to Delaware. I wanted to do it–even told myself third time’s a charm, but the truth is that I am not ready. I do not have anything outlined and at my fingertips to write, and if last year’s entry has taught me anything, it’s that writing a first draft when it’s not ready is like–well, frankly a good analogy escapes me. It just doesn’t work for me, regardless of how much I want it too.

So what’s that mean for the month? Planning, planning, and more planning. Feedback to my latest draft of To Retreat From Romance has been strong, but I doubt I can hit that February release, even at a breakneck pace. Perhaps I can aim for early spring.

Then on to my other project(s).  While concurrently working on Retreat’s release, I’ll be shifting focus in 2015 to…children’s books. Now this will entail far more coordinating with folks, but with any luck, I’ll have a release by year end! (I know; it’s crazy talk).

Also, the blog is moving. In 2015, the blogspot address will be retired, and the blog will be hosted directly at the Living Life Loving Christ publishing site. Not only that but the blog will also be a bit different, as I have a few “article series” I hope to tackle.

So 2014 has thus far been a strange chapter: no new books, only a single speaking engagement, and hit or miss blog publication–but it was also a year of new friends, esp. the fine folks at Kingstone Media. I’ll consider 2014 a transition year, as well as a needed reassessment of 3LC.

Here’s hoping it’s the right one, and 2015 is a year full of Christ seizing his glory!